Map of Iceland in Northern Europe

Icelandic belongs to the Nordic language branch.

Icelandic writing




Although heavily related to old Norse, it is not mutually intelligible with other scandinavian languages. Although like Scandinavia, they speak very good English as well as other Scandinavian languages, predominantly Danish due to its past links to the country.


Spoken Icelandic


Written Icelandic

C, Q, W, and Z are not used in the Icelandic alphabet, only in loan words and foreign words.


Icelandic Latin Alphabet


There are 32 letters in the Icelandic alphabet.

It does use accents, see below:

Full Icelandic Alphabet

   a      A  

   á      Á  

   b      B  

   d      D  

   Ð      ð  

   e      E  

   é      É  

   f      F  

   g      G  

   h      H  

   i      I  

   í      Í  

   j      J  

   k      K  

   l      L  

   m      M  

   n      N  

   o      O  

   ó      Ó  

   p      P  

   r      R  

   s      S  

   t      T  

   u      U  

   ú      Ú  

   v      V  

   x      X  

   y      Y  

   ý      Ý  

   þ      Þ  

   æ      Æ  

   ö      Ö  


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